My work is a response to the dissonance felt between my experiences of growing up as an American citizen in Los Angeles and that of being the daughter of Korean immigrants. Sometimes overlapping and sometimes opposing, I investigate how others see me along this spectrum of cultural assimilation and perpetual foreignness. This is done primarily by pulling from the traditional folk crafts of Korea and presenting them in a new and modern framework. Paintings and drawings that catch the eye with bright colors or decorative patterns at first seem to honor their cultural heritage, but in the labor intensive process of repeating become something else entirely. The backbone to all of my work is the meditative and repetitive processes employed to make them, whether painting continuous lines of gouache or hand weaving strands of my own hair.


in Los Angeles, CA

Lives and works:

in the San Francisco Bay area


2010 MFA in painting, San Francisco Art Institute

2002 BFA in painting, Boston University, College of Fine Arts

shows and exhibitions:

2017 APAture 2017: Unravel, The Kearny Street Workshop, San Francisco, CA

2017 Foreigner, Orphan, Widow, Novel Brewing Co., Oakland, CA

2016 Concentrate Alumni Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2016 Collect!, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

2015 Here, Part 1: BAC’s Artist Annual Exhibition, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

2012 Glorious People, Café Yesterday, Berkeley, CA

2011 Over My Dead Body, Root Division, San Francisco, CA

2011 Neither Here Nor There, The Kearny Street Workshop, San Fr­ancisco, CA

2011 Cream, from the top, The Performance Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

2010 Vernissage: SFAI MFA Exhibition, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

2010 Between Lines, The Kitsch Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009 The Drawing Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, SFAI

2009 Perception of Place, Diego Rivera Gallery, SFAI

2009 Locality, SubMission Art Center, San Francisco, CA

2009 Group Show, Swell Gallery, SFAI

2002 BFA Show, The Boston University Art Gallery, Boston, MA